Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Three Lives of Brielle (Sounds Like a Soap Opera?)

Sleepy Brielle - Brielle is basking in the slumber of a sound sleep. We like to spend time looking at her when she is asleep.

Attentive Brielle - She enjoys playing with her toys, taking in her surroundings, and talking to her parents.

Feeding Brielle - OOPS!! We can't show you the other life because I don't think Mommy would appreciate being seen like that on the blog!?

Christian's Birthday

Christian is getting ready to open his presents as Avery and Brielle watch with anticipation!

Kerri and I had everything ready for when Christian got up in the morning. He (and his brother) were surprised by the decorations.

Here is Christian in his Red Power Ranger costume (it was a present but will also double as Halloween apparel). He could not wait to get it on and give it a test run.

Daddy is helping Christian get his costume off. Kerri thinks he looks like a race car driver or motocross racer in this outfit - maybe this is foreshadowing?

Here is the birthday boy with his Power Ranger cake! It is hard to believe he is four already.