Monday, December 28, 2009

Frick Christmas

Sam is enjoying her leisure time under the dining room table.

Brielle is styling in her new Dora hat while she plays.

Brielle and Pop-Pop are enjoying some piano time during the holidays.

The Frick Brothers prepare, with anticipation, to tear open presents.

Yes - mission accomplished as both Frick brothers look toward their next conquest (Check out Christian's intensity!).

Mommy and Avery share a happy moment on Christmas morning.

Avery, with both precision and purpose, opens another gift.

Make room for the C-man!!

Brielle enjoys her new book - The Mittens.  She is really into it - check out those mittens!

Aqua-Doodle to the rescue.  Brielle gets in touch with her creative side.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snowy Weekend

Brielle is taking a rest from chasing Sam (Samantha) the cat around.  How about that devious smile!!!

The Frick Brothers are enjoying looking at the snow today - Yesterday they helped Daddy shovel snow twice.

Sam is taking a rest from being chased by Brielle.  She tries to grab her tail!

Mommy is doing some work on line.  She looks awesome in her pink pjs!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Brielle's on the Disabled List for Team Frick

Brielle broke her leg. The doctors were kind enough to give her a very colorful cast. She will soon be back in the line-up for Team Frick!!

Summer Kinderfrick Antics

Christian and our friend Nancy having some quality costume time.

Christian can't get over the fact that he is not a pirate.

Brielle is enjoying some quality Kindermusik ("Going on a Hayride") time.

The serious Brielle ponders her existence while trying to determine what she wants to play with next.

It is almost dinner time and Brielle is eyeing up some "Pasta Pick-Ups". Nothing will stand in her way!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Brielle's Birthday Weekend Continued

Daddy was excited about this present - Brielle and Daddy can now have tea time together!!

Christian could not resist getting into the present opening fun!!

Brielle was happy to get this Melissa and Doug's shape puzzle - fun and learning (a great combination).

Brielle seems very satisfied with her weekend event and one year under her belt!!

Brielle's Birthday Weekend

Brielle is quickly eating her "pasta pick-ups" with anticipation of getting a piece of her delicious cake!! As you can see she is not worried about appearances (a good thing).

The Frick Brothers can't wait for the party to begin!

A nice first cake!

Birthday fun with the cousins, Aunt Stefa, and Aunt Cathy. All under Mommy's watchful eye!!

Brielle is anxious to get to the "push-me-popper" (and all her other presents)!! Cousin Lexi was kind enough to help out.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Brielle Hope - Sister Frick

Brielle is wondering why Daddy is taking a picture of her - She seems to be more interested in the camera than anything else.

The Brothers Frick

Avery wants everyone to know he is Number 1!!

Christian is trying to show off his guitar pajamas.

"Playing Catch"

Avery and Brielle enjoy a game of catch while Christian ponders his role in this event.

Brielle really enjoys her big brothers!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

KinderFrick Dress Up Time

Avery is preparing for his role as CEO of Nintendo. This way he can get free DS games!!

Christian is preparing for his role as CEO of Matchbox or HotWheels. He wants to create his own specially designed car to sell to little boys!!

Brielle is going to be taking care of the accounting for both Frick brothers. She is clearly attentive to detail already!!

Actually, the clothes were a gift from family and all three really like their respective outfits. Avery said that he enjoys looking like Daddy (Daddy thought that was neat!!).

Avery's Birthday (March 13)

Avery hit the big seven ("7") on March 13 and we had a little party with the cousins and his friend, Mahli (pronounced Molly), from school.
Brielle was taking in the events of the evening in a relatively calm manner.

Here we have the eldest son giving thanks for his pizza in anticipation of getting his first bite!

Here is Mahli and Avery (cute pair!). Avery was excited that she could be at his party.

Mr. Rough and Tumble Christian Charles exerted so much energy and thought that he feel asleep with his head in his hands.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Prints of the Frick Family Picture Taking Adventure

These are prints from our picture taking adventure at The Picture People. Needless to say we are going back in two weeks to try again (we aren't even being charged - nice place to work with)!! Check out Christian in these shots. Brielle was also afraid of the flash which made for an interesting experience. In the last picture Avery (without being prompted) is looking at Brielle. Kerri and I thought that was cute!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A KinderFrick Weekend

Mommy is preparing a wonderful meal for our neighbor who just had a baby. Avery, our resident photographer, was at work again!

Daddy, Brielle, and Christian are playing after returning from the Wolfgang Chocolate Factory Tour in York, PA. We all had a chance to sample some delicious chocolate.

Brielle is continuing the long KinderFrick pirate tradition (Avery and Christian both played with the hat and sword). Notice the shirt "Wild About Daddy" - Sounds accurate to me!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Practical Application

Baby Brielle's message on her shirt is a practical application to my recent course work on theories of development. Emotional availability and nuturing are, as many of you know, key factors in the proper development of children so this serves as a practical application of my graduate studies!!