Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Relaxation & Fun

Christian is enjoying a different perspective on life as he rough-houses with Daddy (Avery is the photographer)!!

Mommy is getting some much needed rest!

Avery is having fun with the camera and of course he must get a self-portrait in while he has it!

Brielle is just taking it all in as the sister of the household!!

Christian is demonstrating his scary face - this is often the face that comes out when Brielle interacts with him!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter Weekend

The KinderFricks and Cousins enjoying some breakfast on Easter Weekend!

I'm just getting ready to drink some much needed high-test coffee in the morning!

Brielle, once again, has facial issues over a holiday.  Her stroller tipped over while Avery was strolling her and then he fell on top of her while she was still in the stroller.  This accident led to the return of Brielle "Scar Face" Frick.

Brielle is enjoying watching her cousins and Avery play Wii.  She also enjoys sporting her lunch on her shoulder - very fashionable!!

Uncle Gary and Dad enjoy some time socializing on a variety of topics after lunch on Easter Sunday!