Sunday, April 5, 2009

KinderFrick Dress Up Time

Avery is preparing for his role as CEO of Nintendo. This way he can get free DS games!!

Christian is preparing for his role as CEO of Matchbox or HotWheels. He wants to create his own specially designed car to sell to little boys!!

Brielle is going to be taking care of the accounting for both Frick brothers. She is clearly attentive to detail already!!

Actually, the clothes were a gift from family and all three really like their respective outfits. Avery said that he enjoys looking like Daddy (Daddy thought that was neat!!).

Avery's Birthday (March 13)

Avery hit the big seven ("7") on March 13 and we had a little party with the cousins and his friend, Mahli (pronounced Molly), from school.
Brielle was taking in the events of the evening in a relatively calm manner.

Here we have the eldest son giving thanks for his pizza in anticipation of getting his first bite!

Here is Mahli and Avery (cute pair!). Avery was excited that she could be at his party.

Mr. Rough and Tumble Christian Charles exerted so much energy and thought that he feel asleep with his head in his hands.