Sunday, March 14, 2010

Watch Out

Brielle + Slinky = Trouble

Check out Pirate Christian's shirt!!  What is up with that earring?

Avery's Bowling Birthday Party

Avery checking out his Eight Ball predictions!!

Avery enjoying family, friends, and CAKE!!

Christian was also enjoying the party and watching his sister (right next to him)!

Mahli (Avery's friend - she is a cutie!!) was enjoying her pizza and had a good outing on the lanes!

Cousin Zach was showing everyone how to use the Goo that Avery got as a present!

A good time had by all during present opening time.

Avery and his friends really enjoyed bowling together.

Bowling, Bowling and more Bowling!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Music Man

Christian is practicing for his audition with Daughtry!!  He plays a mean guitar.

The Frick Brothers - The Adventure Continues

Avery and Christian are having a lazy morning on the couch.

Christian is working on some art projects with some friends.  He does not appear to be amused by the activity.

Nanny Frick is greeting Avery in the morning.  Avery is not quite awake yet given his facial expression.

Brielle Festivities

Brielle says the future is so bright I gotta wear shades!!

Brielle is enjoying some quality grandmother time.

We don't know if Brielle is laughing or crying!