Monday, June 22, 2009

Brielle's Birthday Weekend Continued

Daddy was excited about this present - Brielle and Daddy can now have tea time together!!

Christian could not resist getting into the present opening fun!!

Brielle was happy to get this Melissa and Doug's shape puzzle - fun and learning (a great combination).

Brielle seems very satisfied with her weekend event and one year under her belt!!

Brielle's Birthday Weekend

Brielle is quickly eating her "pasta pick-ups" with anticipation of getting a piece of her delicious cake!! As you can see she is not worried about appearances (a good thing).

The Frick Brothers can't wait for the party to begin!

A nice first cake!

Birthday fun with the cousins, Aunt Stefa, and Aunt Cathy. All under Mommy's watchful eye!!

Brielle is anxious to get to the "push-me-popper" (and all her other presents)!! Cousin Lexi was kind enough to help out.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Brielle Hope - Sister Frick

Brielle is wondering why Daddy is taking a picture of her - She seems to be more interested in the camera than anything else.

The Brothers Frick

Avery wants everyone to know he is Number 1!!

Christian is trying to show off his guitar pajamas.

"Playing Catch"

Avery and Brielle enjoy a game of catch while Christian ponders his role in this event.

Brielle really enjoys her big brothers!